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10 Easy DIY Hostess Gifts


1. For Your Super Stylish BFF

Francois et Moi / Via francoisetmoi.com

She always knows about every trend way the hell before you do. Wow her with some Shibori dyed napkins and if she points out any imperfection you can just tell her it’s “avant garde like Comme des Garcons, duh.”

2. For Your Sister, the Perpetual Entertainer

Wit & Whistle / Via witandwhistle.com

Just another Wednesday book club wine and cheese night with her 25 closest friends. You couldn’t even pull that many people together if you invited your landlady and the creepy old guy from the corner bodega. At least you can help keep her cheese plate organized

3. For Your Ex-Roommate

Two Twenty One / Via twotwentyone.net

Judging by that giant rock on her finger she still appreciates someone else paying for the finer things in life, so there’s no need to tell homegirl that this gold came straight from Home Depot.

4. For Your Boyfriend’s Mom

Lil Blue Boo / Via lilblueboo.com

Pro tip: you can count on major extra girlfriend points if you make these out of pictures of your BF as a kid.

5. For Your Sister-in-Law

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

She’s practically perfect in every way and you love/hate her for it. Show up with this chic advent calendar-slash-ornament gift and level that playing field in one fell swoop.

6. For Your Hyper-Organized Co-Worker

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Everything on her desk is color coordinated and she’s even managed to perfectly color match her nail polish to her socks and you can tap into her OCD side with a placemat/coaster set.

7. For Your Brother’s Girlfriend

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

She’s so adorably (nauseatingly?) twee with her Zooey Deschanel bangs and closet full of Mod Cloth dresses so OMG how could she not love hand printed XOXO guest towels?!

8. For Your Vintage Loving Neighbor

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Her apartment is a mish mash of things picked up from flea markets, estate sales, ex-roommates and ex-boyfriends. Add to the chaos with a set of teeny little plants housed in vintage tea cups. Rest assured they’ll fit in perfectly with….something.

9. For the Host You Don’t Know

Sarah Hearts / Via sarahhearts.com

Tagging along to a dinner party with friends and after a considerable amount of Facebook stalking, the only thing you can concretely decipher is that host really likes her cat. Ah well, everyone needs an extra set of serving spoons, right?

10. For Your Boss With the Fancy Apartment

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Actually this gift is more for you than for them because you totally don’t want to be that girl who left a condensation ring on her $3000 hand carved end table…

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