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22 Tiny Puppies That Turned Into Grown-Up Dogs Way Too Fast


Sometimes it feels like you turn around for one second, and everything’s changed when you look back. Friends from middle school are getting married while you don’t even know what a relationship is, the freshly painted walls are splattered with dings and fingerprints. Something else that happens way too quickly is the transition your dog makes from puppyhood into a full-blown adult.

Just ask these pooches. They grew up in the blink of an eye.

1. The older one keeps getting upset when they’re asked if they’re twins.

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2. From “Can I come in?” to “I’m coming in, whether you like it or not!”

3. He still thinks he’s a lap dog.

4. This gentle giant still loves a good hug!

5. You can tell Bruno’s seen some stuff over the years.

6. This pup is a big kid now!

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7. He was never comfortable in front of the camera.

8. He’ll be taller than Mom soon!

9. Stop that! Stop growing right this second!

10. These two are still little kids at heart.

11. He might love hugs even more now than when he was a pup.

12. The years keep flying by!

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13. Okay, bud, you’re squishing Mommy.

14. “Dad, taking mirror selfies is so six months ago. I’m too old for this.”

15. “Seriously, you can hardly even hold me up anymore!”

16. He sure has grown in size…but he’ll never learn.

17. Am I the only one who thinks this mastiff’s been juicing over the last four months?

18. I think it might be time for this dog to find a new sleeping position.

19. Blue Eyes has only found more and more things to be happy about, like squirrels…and bacon.

20. Where have the years even gone?

21. It’s okay, bud. Some of us have a hard time giving up our childhood toys.

22. Just four months later, and she’s basically ready for college. Someone pass the tissues.

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While puppies are great and adorable, growing up with a pup is an irreplaceable experience. The weeks, months, and years you spend growing with each other are made so much more enjoyable through all the slobbery kisses and long walks in the park!

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