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Every Year, Woman Posts Wedding Photo Found At Ground Zero In Hopes Of Returning It



Elizabeth Stringer Keefe is in possession of a very special photograph that she’s hoping to return to its rightful owners.

Keefe has a crumpled wedding photo rescued from the wreckage of the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001.

Every year on the anniversary of the terrorist attack, Keefe posts the photo online in the hopes that someone will recognize the couple depicted.

Keefe, a professor at Lesley University, received the photo from a friend who lived in New York at the time. When the friend moved away, she asked Keefe to keep the photograph and do something respectful with it.

She said,

It’s a beautiful, joyful moment captured in time and it was such a contrast to what I saw at Ground Zero, which was still burning when I was there… So, if it had a relationship to 9/11, I wanted to keep it safe until I could return it to its owner.

Keefe says her task doesn’t feel like a burden.

According to her,

There’s so much beauty and happiness in the photo that I just felt committed to the task.

As of today, the image has been retweeted over 35,000 times. Keefe says this is the biggest response she’s ever had.

The more people who share the story, the more likely this wedding photograph will get home.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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