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WATCH: Hockey Fan Taunts Injured Player – Gets INSTANT KARMA For His Troubles…


Theres always that one fan, right?

The wannabe a-hole who taunts the professional athlete after he becomes injured. Not just a mild taunt, but a major, over the top taunt right in front of the athlete. Sometimes karma comes back to bite you, and for this taunting fan, he definitely gets a major dose!

Colorado was playing Chicago and the Blackhawks Steve Sullivan ends up taking a puck right to the face. He skates off the ice, but not before a Colorado fan starts messing with him big time. They exchange barbs, and Sullivan goes and gets himself checked out. Play resumes. Now this is almost too good to be true. But it happened. The puck went wild during play and ended up flying high, going over the protective shield. And it ends up nailing someone. Can you guess who?

Yep! Its the a-hole Colorado fan! He ends up taking a puck to the face himself, after all the taunting he did over Sullivan getting hit in the mug. His girlfriend has a classic reaction to the whole thing. Unreal this happened. Thats definitely what they call instant karma!

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