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3-Year-Old Becomes Hysterical When Dad Makes Her Pinky Promise Not To Have A Boyfriend


If you are a daughter, or have a daughter, you know that dads are very protective of their little girls.

They were boys once, so they know all the crazy and sometimes not-so-great things going on in a boys mind.

Which leaves them to most likely feel bad for their past mistakes with women, and also trying to make sure that their daughter stays untouchable forever.

Some will joke and say they’ll kill their daughter’s boyfriend if she gets one. Others will joke and say that they’re putting their daughters in a nunnery. But some, a very select few I hope, actually aren’t joking when they say those things.

The adorable 3-year-old you’re about to meet in the video below is definitely going to have to tread with caution when she gets older and deals with her dad’s comments about dating!

When she walks in the room you hear her dad the entire time telling her what he’d do to her boyfriend, or why she can’t have one, or that she’s going to need to be a nun.

But, the best part is, this little girl doesn’t want to agree! Only three years old and she has a huge problem with her dad’s “no boyfriend” rule already!

She thinks she should be allowed to have one next year when she’s four, but he is forcing a pinky promise on her that says otherwise.

He’s definitely going to have to show her this video when she’s 30!

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