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Man In Pink Stops A Firefighter In An Emergency Then She Realizes Its Her Boyfriend


When a man decides to propose to his girlfriend, he likely aims to make the event a huge surprise. He normallyfinds a time when she would the least expect it.

For Mark Edwards, he knew when that would be for his firefighter girlfriend, Jodi Vincent: in the middle of an emergency situation. A proposal would be the last thing she would think about!

But Jodi says that she knew that something was amiss when she received the call. The emergency itself was quite odd, as she was asked to respond to a man with a ring stuck on his finger.

Of course she and her fellow firefighters responded to the call regardless. But when she got to the location,she certainly got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend was at the scene of the so-called emergency.

Edwards got down on one knee to propose, and the firefighter happily said yes.

Though Jodi may have had an inkling about what was to come, her colleagues certainly knew all the details. They were all in on the surprise, and helped Edwards plan it all.

The couple will certainly have quite the engagement story to tell their friends and family, and even their children, someday.

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