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Policeman Says Shes Driving A Stolen Car, Then She Turns Around And Spots Her Boyfriend


Getting pulled over is never fun, even ifa cop lets you off with a warning. It’s always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience.

But as annoying as it might be to get a speeding ticket (or something else), it should always be remembered that these men and women inblue are cruising the streets every single day, simply wanting to make our communities a safer place.

Like it or not, when you’re speeding it meansyou’remaking your community a bit more dangerous, and the police are stopping you from potentially hurting anyone. Thesecops put their lives on the line to protect us all. And when one woman got pulled over by a police cruiser, she was probably quite confused!

She wasn’t speeding and she knew her taillights were all working well, so why in the world was she getting stopped?

It seemed like a normal stop at first for this young woman, but quickly it became clear that something was horribly wrong. The officer seemed calm, but he began to tell her that her car was possibly stolen. Could she get in trouble for driving a “hot” car? Would they think thatshehad stolen the car herself?

The cop asked her to exit her vehicle, and even told her to turn around. Was she going to be handcuffed? But when she turned around she saw that her boyfriend had snuck up right behind her.

It turns out that her boyfriend, OfficerMichael Carpenter, had asked his fellow buddy cop to pull over his girlfriend to throw her off the trail. Right when she least expected it to happen she realized what was actually going on, and her reaction couldn’t be more perfect!

Congratulations to this happy young couple, and thanks to all the men and women who wear blue every day!

Video credit: Anchorage Police Department

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