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Teen Finally Goes To Girlfriends House But Has No Idea What Her Dad Has In Store For Him


I remember the first time I met my girlfriend’s parents. Even with all my confidence, I still had that anxiety, that pressure to impress them, to leave them with a lasting impression of being a good guy for their daughter.

Luckily, I wasn’t the victim of a prank that day.

Sadly, for the young fellow in the video below, he wasn’t as lucky as I was.

You see, he was about to meet his girlfriend’s dad, but little did he know that her dad had been planning for this. In fact, the dad starts the video by talking into the camera, saying “So, I’m about to scare my daughter Sarah’s boyfriend, who I’ve never met!”

Classic dad.

With one last mischievous look into the camera, he opens the door for the young man and daughter, Sarah. He shakes his hand and, staring him dead in the face, with a visible vice-grip on the boy’s hand, says “Do you think we really would invite you into our house while you sneak around with our daughter? You need to leave!”

After a moment of awkward silence in which the teen is undoubtedly wondering if he can still escape, Dad pulls him into a huge bear hug. “I’m just kidding,” he says.

He swings him to face the camera and affectionately says “Welcome to the family, bud!”

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