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Fox News Analyst Raves About Trump and Kim Jong Uns ‘Father-Son Relationship’


Despite the second summit between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump collapsing with the two leaders failing to agree on anything related to denuclearization, the hosts at Fox News Outnumbered found a silver lining to the disappointing outcome by praising Trumps personal relationship with the brutal leader.

Noting that during the summit Kim took questions from foreign journalists for the first time ever, host Melissa Francis expressed excitement over the dictators banter with the press before asking Fox News senior strategic analyst Jack Keane his thoughts.

It's great, Keane, a former Army Vice Chief of Staff, exclaimed. You know, I actually think it has something to do with him being around President Trump. Because hes very casual, informal with the media, he responds to questions continuously. He wears his thoughts on his sleeve.

Keane went on to say that Kim has traveled outside of North Korea more than his predecessors before mentioning that he knows somebody who has personally read the letters Kim has sent Trump.

Oh, co-host Katie Pavlich excitedly reacted. Give us the goods!

The retired four-star general, who has twice turned down Trumps offer to be defense secretary, said that the only thing he could say was that people whove read the letters are surprised by the warmth and affection. The president, meanwhile, has described the letters as beautiful, adding that he and Kim fell in love.

Its almost like a father-son relationship, thats expressed there, Keane continued. That's what the person has told me whos seen several of the letters. So I think thats interesting. I think hes reacting to the president more than anything.

The North Koreans, on the other hand, have suggested that the love affair between the two leaders may be over. Following Trumps press conference in which he said he had to walk away from the deal, North Korean officials said that Kim may have lost the will to negotiate with Trump in the future.

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