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Re-evaluating Relationships


As a young millennial, I can definitely agree with some of the shade that gets thrown our way. Yeah, we’re pretty reliant on our technology, (but in our defense, we were raised this way!). When it comes to our work ethic, it’s true; some of us are better than others. But amongst the continuous hypocrisy our generation faces, I must say, we have not killed dating altogether. We have killed the stupid, misogynist rules that are associated with dating, and we have killed them for the better; here are a few dating rules that millennials have surely killed for the better.

1. Only guys are able to make the first move.

Um…no. If a woman wants to introduce herself to someone she’s interested in, she should be able to make the first move without being scrutinized for it. Women making the first move is something we’re seeing more and more today (thanks to millennials, of course!).

2. The man should always pay.

If you’re a follower of traditional dating roles, sure; maybe the guy pays on the first date. But if you’ve been dating for awhile, why should he go broke paying for your dinner every time the two of you dine out? Take turns or split the grocery bill and cook something at home; it’s only fair!

3. Girls have to order a salad when you go out to dinner.

If a salad is your preferred food of choice, then order a salad. If you’re ordering a salad because you’re trying to trick your new love interest into thinking you wouldn’t rather be eating his burger, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Girl, if you want that burger, order that burger.

4. You must define the relationship as soon as possible.

Today, it’s okay to just be “talking” to someone until you decide what’s right for both of you. In the past, there was more pressure to be in a committed relationship right after a few dates.

5. You have to meet your S/O face to face.

Nope, not anymore. Thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble, you can have a steady conversation going before you even meet the person. Might as well see if you’re compatible before you meet face to face, eh?

6. You shouldn’t go out without your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Lies! You need girls night and they need their boy time…whatever that includes, I’m not sure.

7. Women are dependent on their man.

My happiness does not depend on the man I’m with, nor should it. Women are being encouraged to launch their own success now.

8. Successful couples do everything together.

Like needing space, you need time apart to be your own person.

9. Marriage is the ultimate goal.

Nothing against marriage, but a lot of millennial couples are dating longer than ever before getting married and I think this is awesome. If you’re totally in love before marriage, it’s not going to change much besides your last name.

10. You shouldn’t live with someone until after you’re married.

What would be worse than moving in with each other once you’re married and finding out you totally cannot live with this person? This is the ultimate test of a relationship.

11. People in relationships are happier than those who are single.

You can be happy on your own, or with a partner. Thanks to millennials for clarifying this…

Despite all of the backlash millennials receive about their dating lives, I’d say we’re doing something right.




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