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This is a lot of really great, mature advice. I feel like we get a lot of pressure (from others/society/etc) just to be in a relationship, without as much input into what makes up a healthy one. I especially appreciated your point about sticking to the really important dealbreakers (racism/sexism/etc), because sometimes you don’t see those in a person right away and by that time it’s difficult to walk away. (I’ve found that some people are only openly bigoted to the people they’re close to– which is alarming when you first see how that person really is.)
And I love the couples in the comic! The drawings are so cute.

This was really perfect. Number 9 made me wanna cry a little because it is too adorable! Also, my boyfriend has a weird sneeze. It’s the best. 🙂

This is really helpful…I’ve been focused for so long on how I don’t have a boyfriend so now that I do I don’t know what to do with him

I love this soooo much. Unlike other relationship articles that talk about changing yourself for a partner or compromising to unhealthy extents for a partner, this promotes what a healthy, happy relationship looks like. I really hope more education like this is spread around.

this is one of the best things i’ve seen on rookie! i love it. illustrations are perfect, ana, and the advice is wonderful, emily! you guys did a fantastic job.

I’m so happy about this article! I’ve been with my first boyfriend for 8 months and am in love for the first time. Unfortunately I have an anxiety disorder, and tend to invent things to freak out about, especially within my relationship. But this little advice comic reassured me that at the end of the day I’m in a loving healthy relationship. I appreciate my boyfriend even more now!

I love this.

I recently got out of a drawn-out, turbulent relationship and lately everything I listen to or read generally makes me feel sad-as-hell or has no effect at all but this article has made me see remember the positive! While I loved the person I did and thought they were my best friend, the relationship wasn’t healthy at all and I knew I should leave for a long time. Now I’m finally free of that negativity and open to cool relationships like this!! This just sort of reminded me that they exist and I just realised I can now (well sometime) have one of my own, cool huh!!

Thanks for the queer representation, I appreciate it. (:

Rookie, you’re the absolute best – no heteronormativity here! So jelly of teens now growing up with this stuff as it really will make a huge difference. x

I needed this so much! I really enjoyed reading every single one and they all made so much sense. My boyfriend and I are finally back in the same city after a year of long-distance, so things are adjusting and feeling a bit weird as we try to get used to the change, so I’ve started getting worried about our future and if we’re doing things right….and then this comic appeared! This reassured me so much and made me realize why I do love him and why we’ve been together so long! Thank you so much xx

(also kudos for the inclusion of other non-hetero couples in this! it really warmed my heart)

This is great advice! Will definitely keep this in mind when I do get a boyfriend.

I’m 26 and I’ve been in a relationship for 4 and a half years. I can tell you that EVERYTHING from this comic is true. 🙂

Basically, for me, a relationship is about friendship – and love, of course, but if you don’t like the person you’re with you’re gonna spend A LOT of time thinking it’s really hard to make this work. Thank you, Rookie for being here. I wish I had this help when I was teenager. Big hug for you!

Solid advice. Also, my friend recently sent me this article about the “FUCK YES” rule that I think is also very relevant, especially for people who find themselves in less than satisfactory relationships (or the romantic or the platonic variety) and it really gave me a nice lil existential crisis as I re-evaluated my whole life. In a good way though.

this is exactly why i love rookie.
you guys give the best advice. on everything.
and, also, i love the fact that there’s no heteronormativity in this comic! :)<3


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